Graphic Design, Print

Dieter Rams

Double-sided Promotional Poster
The brief was commissioned by our tutors here at university, and called for a promotional two-sided poster centred around a design classic. I chose Dieter Rams, the industrial designer as my subject. I believe the finished product conforms to his design ethos and beliefs, and I took my inspiration from the products he designed for Braun.

The opposite side contained more information, and I also wanted to place his ’10 Design Commandments’ alongside the image captions. The brief called for type hierarchy and a good eye for detail, which I believe I answered.

In September 2011 I submitted this piece to Anno Book’s international design competition. It received nearly 7,000 views and a total score of 8 out of 10. Subsequently it was chosen by Love for Art & Business – the judges – for inclusion in the competition publication which is available to view on request.

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